Thursday, July 22, 2010

j.crew is the epitome of all-american style. and for the past decade or so, i never really regarded it as one of my top favorite brands/stores while wandering around scp. but, after awing through their latest fall 2010 lookbook i think i am a convert. it's still all-american, but with an (oliver) twist. a touch of faux fur here, some shearling there, a splatter of pins and brooches, knee high socks, and semi-tailored shorts and blazers have got me smitten! i'm so inspired to layer, layer, layer! and as always...canNOT wait for fall*.

*fall = visiting my loves eric + steven @ their new UWS apartment in nyc!!! so happy for them. so bittersweet. but like our fortune teller in san fran said...i'll be in ny..eventually.