Monday, June 25, 2012

some perks of being in the west coast, and not being in the east coast, is that for my editors who can not make it to some certain events in the west coast, i'd attend in their place. for example, last week's extravagant, yet understated, and code of dress: "dark" party for a special edition Dom Perginon bottle designed by the one and only Sir David Lynch. Mission was to snap some photos on behalf of Nylon. Personal mission was to see The Kills. Missions accomplished.
p.s. I've been told I have a special talent for celeb-spotting. (See: photos.)

the Lynch is in the building!
my date, Shane West. just kidding.
The Kills
Mr. Kate Moss aka Jamie Hince
my actual date, Michelle
farewell my, black balloon
he says, los angeles inspires him because of its light.

what i wore:
zara scuba diver dress + 3.1 Phillip Lim bike lock necklace.