Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spring is fast approaching, and it’s high time to start getting ready for the warm weather.  I know — it's freezing out, and it seems a little crazy to be daydreaming about spring clothes. But this Spring/Summer is all about bright colours and bold prints. So, it’s the right time to ditch the dark and heavy Winter clothes and go for something colourful and trendy, must-have pieces of the season.


Pale, romantic and pretty pastel fashion will be in stores everywhere soon. Soft and gentle, pastels can give you the ultimate feminine look.

Pastels are a re-occurring feature in summer fashion so it's no great surprise that they are back on the high street again.  However this year sees even paler tones. Look for colours such as pale yellow, blush pink, icy blue, or light lavender, it's both pretty and appropriate for the season.  Feminine and pristine this trend is probably one of the most suited to summer as it looks beautiful combined with subtle ditsy floral prints.  this trend will ensure that you look cool, girly and stylish. 
Pastel coloured clothing itself looks good without too many finishes – the simpler your pastel tone clothing, the better.
Wear Pastels With Black, the Black accents keep the look from getting too garden party.
Wear Pastels as Accessories, Wear a neutral outfit-it makes pale accessories really pop.
Wear Pastels with Other Pales but Make sure all your pieces are in the same color family and Make sure that a pastel tones you pick does not look like a continuation of your skin.