Friday, January 28, 2011

so the boys of rag & bone came up with this completely out of the box innovative idea. how do you get the most brand recognition, have most of new york city do the work for you, for the least amount of money?

first, you hire four supermodels to take pictures of themselves in their own rag & bone collection: sasha, lily, abbey, and edita.
then you start a contest, with the winner being able to attend the rag & bone fall 2011 fashion show in new york: print out said photos taken by the supermodels, plaster it all over the city, take pictures of yourself doing so, and submit to rag & bone.

then you wait.

i mentioned this to my roommate steven, and you know what he said to me after i explained?

"omg. look what i grabbed while walking past FIT?"
he actually saw one of these printed photos and tore off the bottom piece because he thought it was kinda cool.

see? brilliant. he had no idea what it was for, yet it was intriguing enough for him to physically go up to it and think how cool it was.

guerilla advertising. just brilliant.

i need to think more outside of the box.

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