Sunday, February 6, 2011

ever since hannah macgibbon introduced scallop hems in her collection for Chloe, i've been lusting over anything with that very feminine detail, yet found it very hard to find something similar to those shorts and dresses...until now. H&M's upcoming Concsious Collection is basically the Chloe collection from a few seasons ago, at a much smaller price. made with organic and recycled fabrics, the white and cream collection of eco-friendly spring pieces resonates everything a girl needs for the coming sunny season.
all white everything - maxi skirts, flowy tops, crochet & eyelet, and sleek blazers and trousers - and all under $60! i'll take one of everything please.

can't wait til all this comes out in April!

organic cotton dress $49.95

recycled fabric dress $49.95

organic cotton vest $9.95

recycled fabric blazer (LOVE THIS!) $49.95

organic cotton top $24.95

organic crochet shorts $29.95

recycled fabric shorts $19.95

organic cotton maxi $19.95

organic tencil pants $34.95

via nitrolicious