Sunday, February 13, 2011

While we begin the 2nd year at wedding bells bridal boutique, we would like to share our gratitude to all who have made our last year very special

First and Foremost to our Almighty power above all powers.

Second to all our beloved customers and their lovely family and friends.

And the special thanks go to

 Lady Jay Dee… For providing wedding bells blog link to your lovely readers

 Shamim Mwasha… For all your support and well wishes

 Maznat bridal care… For your lovely support and suggestion

 Flare Magazine… For a good spread on your Magazine

Our biggest Yet New Arrival will be at the shop this February.

Karibu Sana
Wedding Bells team

@ the shop muonekano wa nje... sasa tupo kwa chini jengo lilelile

Utahudumiwa vizuri na dada huyu mpole, mtanashati, mpenda Mungu- Eunice

Be Blessed