Thursday, November 24, 2011

We love hearing from our readers, and loooove giving you all gifts and prizes. This month we are holding a competition where you could win a $50 VISA giftcard. To have the chance to win this wonderful prize we want you to answer 1 simple question and that is...

‘I wish someone told me .................
before my wedding day’

It may be something funny, serious or just the plain honest truth, we want to hear you words of wisdom and of course experience. This is a world wide competition, we want to hear all your stories!

To enter:
Simply leave your name, state and your comment on this post.
You must be a follower of our blog to be eligible to win (see note below).
The Prize:
The best answer wins a $50 (AUD) VISA card that may be used world wide wherever VISA is accepted.

Closing Date:
Competiton closes 5pm Sunday 18th December 2011.
Winner will be announced Monday 19th December 2011 with their answer featured on our page so be sure to keep an eye out to claim your prize.
It is the entrants responsibility to check back at this page on the 19th December to see if they have won. As a follower you will recieve an email notification stating the winner has been posted.

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