Friday, November 11, 2011

Pucker up girls your night is about to get hot hot hot with this fabulous hens night game.

The aim of this game is to kiss a picture (yes a picture before you get too excited) of the hottest celebrity the closest kiss to the guys smoocher, or other private parts (the game could go as far as you wish to navigate) is the winner.

  1. Pin the biggest picture you can find of your dreamy celebrity on the wall (Johnnie Depp anyone?)
  2. Ask the girls to bring along their brightest lipsticks and pucker up.
  3. Blindfold your lovely guest and spin them three times releasing them in the direction of the picture.
  4. Without using their hands to find the edge of the poster, the guest will then smack a lovely bright kiss as close to the celebrity lips as possible. Write the persons name next to their kiss.
  5. The closest kiss to the target is the winner.
We love this game because its simple, its different to your usual pin the paraphernalia on the man and a whole lot of fun!
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