Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We’ve put together for you a little poem (non-rhyming) that covers all of the things that we believe are the most important for couples to remember in planning for and on your big day. We often see couples who are upset that their cars came late or the bride’s makeup was not exactly perfect and these little things go on to ruin one of the most important days of their lives. After putting in so much time, effort and hard work, we don’t want you to miss one single, tiny beautiful moment and so here are a few helpful hints we wanted to share with you!

A Perfect Wedding, By The Wedding Guru’s

A perfect wedding must be planned. Not perfect with ‘things’, but perfect with feelings, memories and sentiment. Where the important things are foremost and the little things forgotten.

Take time in the planning, really speak to each other and create amazing ideas based on mutual love, contribution and respect.

Remember the relationship above all. Spend quality time with each other without discussing the wedding,.

Give your vows much consideration and use them to really tell your marriage partner how much they mean to you. Look them in the eyes when you speak the words.

Don’t get caught up with the little things, whatever will be, will be.

On the day: Stop often and take in your surroundings. See your loved ones, the scenery, your partners hand in yours. It will be over in a heartbeat.

Let your heart remind your why you are there. Not the pretty dress or the lavish party. To stand side by side and pledge your love for eternity.

Find quiet moments in the chaos to just be with the other. Kiss, embrace and thank them for their love.

Don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you forget to just be there for each other.

When you dance, hold each other tight and look into each others eyes as if there is no-one else in the room.

Take the time to speak to each of your guests and thank them for their love and support.


Laugh a lot, smile until your face hurts, feel more love than your heart can bear and breathe in every glorious second of it.

A perfect wedding day doesn’t just happen, you must create it with your thoughts, actions and words.

These are the laughs, the tears, memories and feelings that you will recall often with deep gratitude and love throughout your life.

The Wedding Guru’s