Saturday, December 18, 2010

A gents Seiko watch is a definite fashion statement for the more discerning man. This is a time piece of robust style and quality that suggests strength and power. This is very much a man's watch, a functional item for the serious wearer, but something that looks pretty good and macho at the same time. The watches are mostly in silver stainless steel, or black coated stainless steel, but always stylish and very wearable in a masculine kind of way.
The Seiko Gents Premier Kinetic Moon Phase SRX004P1 is a fairly expensive item. It features a white dial with a satin gold tone case. As its name suggests, it can tell you the moon phases. This stylish dress watch comes with a standard brown leather strap with a push button deployment clasp. It is water resistant down to 100 meters depth. This watch operates by automatic kinetic movement.
The Seiko Gents Velatura watch, model number SRH011P1, is a very modern, almost futuristic looking, watch. This gents Seiko watch sports a classic black and silver appearance. The brown leather strap with fold over clasp seems to be almost moulded around the silver case. It has an integrated look that suggests serious design work, and not just a thrown together afterthought. The black dial has luminous hands, and it piece is powered by the Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive mechanism.
The Seiko Gents Arctura Chrono watch, model number SNAD11P1, is perhaps the most futuristic looking model of all the Seiko watches. It has something of the Michelin Man in its appearance, though not in rubber, of course. It has an overall black appearance, rounded in a pleasing curvy manner with not one single feminine quality discernible. This is a man's watch, and its only practical application is the fact that it can tell the time to a very demanding precision.
If you need a watch that has knobs and button protruding, then perhaps the Seiko Gents Velatura Chrono watch, model number SNDA59P1, is the one for you. This one has chunky appeal. It rugged and robust, strong and capable. This is the watch for heavy duty tasks where a more flimsy model might not stand up. It sport a black dial with a two-tone black and silver stainless steel strap. The strong appearance of this gents Seiko watch is reflected in the fact that its waterproof capabilities can take it down through 200 meters of water before it will sustain damage as a result. 
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Marc Ecko Watches

The Marc Ecko fashion house is now one of the most successful in the world, and boasts the kind of exclusive wristwatch collections you would expect to compliment the wide range of clothes and accessories the company produces. It is hard to believe that in just a couple of decades the company has gone from a starting block of owning just six t-shirts and a can of spray paint to producing some of the most sought after ladies and gents wristwatches on the market today. These high quality timepieces are at the cutting edge of the modern fashion world and offer a selection of styles and designs to suit all watch lovers. The fine wristwatches carry an air of elegance and sophistication, and carry the guarantee of high quality customers expect from Marc Ecko creations. For those really after something special, the Marc Ecko wristwatch box sets add even more to the growing reputation of the company’s timepiece collections. 
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Pierre Cardin Gents Watch

Pierre Cardin Time Couture is an International designer brand which represents French lifestyle and glittering fashion. Its Elegant, Sensual trend setting designs and highest quality in both material and craftsmanship yearn the signature of Pierre Cardin. Product Details Model no. 3397 Analog White Round Dial Black Leather Strap Gold Case Colour 3 Hands 2 years international Warranty.