Friday, December 17, 2010

CESARE PACIOTTI Lauches A New Collection -Sole Art - Leather and Lace

Cesare Paciotti is known throughout Europe and celebrity circles for his line of stylishly sexy women shoes designed with the sophisticated, modern woman in mind – women such as Rhianna, Blake Lively and Kelly Rowland (pictured below in a shoe from the Winter 2010/2011 collection). These discerning customers know Cesare Paciotti shoes by his bold designs, sky-high heels and use of avant-grade materials.

And now, Cesare Paciotti is launching sexy new feminine collections with artfully crafted soles to the American marketplace. Cesare Paciotti was inspired to incorporate femininity into all aspects of his shoe designs to better accessorize the fashions strutting down the catwalks for 2010 and 2011. To that end, Cesare Paciotti has launched new collections that feature a new sole of leather and lace on all of its women shoes.

For Fall/Winter 2010/2011, Cesare Paciotti was inspired by 80s glamor and the sole of each shoe is made of red and black leather and lace. Opulence is back again, with classic elements, sky-high heels and some shoes in the collection are encrusted with Swarovski crystals for magical accents. Cesare Paciotti signature gold dagger is on the bottom of every shoe.

The Spring/Summer 2011 women collection can be described as a celebration of femininity. Inspired by 19th century lingerie and corsets, the collection features shoes with handmade embroidered silks paired with delicate lace. Suede and leather are incorporated into the new line in distressed finishes to appear as softer fabrics. The sole is nude and black leather and lace, with a gold dagger. Although other designers have featured some type of colored sole in the past, no designer has incorporated such an elaborate and sexy sole into an entire collection before. It is quite possible that this “sole art” is the final frontier in shoe design. 
For a designer-worthy wardrobe, go straight to the source - look to catwalk inspiration, not the catwalk. As always, the key is to mix and match current fashion with your own personality. A touch of detail goes a long way, and you can conjure up a world of style in a single accessory, if you choose wisely.
Five leading trends set the tone for the season, but keep a look-out for changing details over the coming months, as they mix, sub-divide and evolve.
Go on safari with breezy colonial styles - this season's shapes are styled for city life, with pale khaki and sand tones. Classic safari pockets are streamlined, adding to the wearability factor, and making this the perfect mixer for other seasonal trends.
Ballerina skirts, at a new, longer length, bridge the gap between the neat New Look references of last season and the Boho trends which were so dominant three years previously. High waistlines and a clean outline add to the sophisticated twist on a festival favorite. Be delightful but confident with this center-stage look.
Poetic smocks, sweet button details and tiny floral prints. Vintage influences are key, with a mix of bohemian Edwardian artist and Seventies student as the leading source of inspiration. This romantic trend is great for girlie-girls - give it a harder edge with a woven, black leather belt, or team it with Indie-style boots for a truly free-spirited summer style.
Head to the shore with navy stripes, bold red and white. Imagine a New England lighthouse crossed with a Joanne Harris novel, and you're half way there. Use frayed, vintage-print scarves to draw out an easy-going vibe, or team tidily striped scoop-necks with simple black pants for effortless chic.
Be an all-star in sporty, spangled prints. Models are working the look on the catwalk and off-duty. From a single, glittering star clasped to the center of a gown for Hollywood-kitsch glamor, to bright tees covered in a spray of print, teamed with wide flare jeans, this look is self-consciously fun. Either way, this is one trend that's guaranteed to add sparkle to your wardrobe.