Thursday, December 16, 2010

typically when i hear the phrase "fashion statement," i imagine looks like innerwear as outerwear (tastefully), color blocking with odd color combinations (yet it works), ball gowns at casual events, menswear on women, and Anna dello Russo.

yet as i was clicking through TIME's top 10 fashion statements of 2010 within their Top 10 Everything of 2010 lists, i quickly realized that TIME made a little word choice error.

i deem the following the top 10 fashion DISASTERS of 2010.

#1 on the list: lady gaga's meat dress, head piece, and moon boots at the vma's
rihanna's disastrous blonde bowl cut hair atop of a disastrous green grad gown/jumpsuit
britney spears. 'nuff said.
tom hanks' wife, rita, in an attempt to pull off prada whilst pregnant! not good. 
little tay slowly ruining her career, one dog collar at a time

good thing the new year is right around the corner -- please let 2011 be a chance for these ladies to redeem themselves.

for the complete list of TIME's top 10s, click here