Friday, July 12, 2013


Vi elsker dette bryllupet punktum. NWB har sett og sett på disse bildene, og vi vil bare ha mer av Chase og Aaron sin dag, som var 11. august 2012! For noen detaljer, for en glede, for en brudekjole, for en kjærlighet, for noen farger, og for noen bilder! Enda mer imponerende er det at brudeparet selv har laget alle detaljene og dekoren i bryllupet. Bruden er grafisk designer og brudgommen har sin bakgrunn i arkitektur. De kreerer sammen hele tiden, men ble ekstra glad for at de sammen kunne lage den personlige dekoren til sin store dag. Spesielt likte vi deres 'backdrop', med MY BELOVED trukket av garn, og laget på gjebruksmaterialer de hadde funnet, og/eller fått gratis. Les mer hva bruden sier nederst i bloggposten. Fantastiske Jasmine hos Frolic Storytelling har fanget denne magiske dagen. Bare se på bildeserien hvor brudeparet danser ned midtgangen...sukk. NWB skulle gjerne vært der og snust inn stemningen i dette bryllupet. Way to go Chase and Aaron!


Favorite memory of the day: Man oh man! Where to even begin with a favorite memory?! It was the best having all of our closest friends and family with us... that is something that will truly never happen again. It's something to soak in. It truly is beautiful. Of course, I will never forget walking down the aisle to Aaron. It is just that feeling of "My, my, my! That there is the man of my dreams and we are going to be married in just a few moments!"

Advice for other brides:
Enjoy the process, don't get overwhelmed, make as much as you can, borrow things from friends, and if you've wanted something at your wedding since age 6 (like cotton candy) GO FOR IT! At the end of the day, you are still marrying your best friend, and people aren't going to notice if things aren't exactly how you envisioned it. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Chances are, your friends and family probably want to be involved, so let them! It will take stress off of you and will make those people feel included, but don't be afraid to say "yeah... chair sashes aren't exactly my style...".

Inspiration: I think our biggest inspiration was old, reclaimed wood. Aaron having a background in architecture, and me being a graphic designer, we get such a joy from creating... so that's exactly what we did. We got tons of old fence boards and got to cutting, sawing, sanding, hammering, drilling, painting, and laughing. If we saw an old fence being replaced, we would literally stop the truck, jump out, and ask the people if we could have the old boards. We made our backdrop for the ceremony, our centerpieces, and the wood walls with quotes painted on them all out of wood that others had gotten rid of. We made everything. From the invitations to the wood walls to the cake stands to the bunting to... everything! My favorite project was the "My Beloved" sign. We plotted out what we wanted it to say and in what typeface and then printed it out. Then, we transferred it to the wood panels (which we found and nailed together), with chalk. After that we painted in "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine". Theeeen, we nailed around "My Beloved" then got to wrapping the yarn. It was definitely a process, a very long process, but we were SO happy with the end result. It was wonderful being able to make something together for the wedding, because we are constantly creating together anyway!

Why Frolic Storytelling: When my husband and I were on our search to find a photographer for our engagement session and wedding, we almost gave up hope. Then we found Jasmine. From the very first email, throughout the whole process (and we all know that ANYTHING having to do with weddings is a process) she was nothing but fantastic. She was ultra helpful and went out of her way to make sure we felt comfortable in front of (and away from) the camera. Not only were all the photographs absolutely breathtaking visually, she went a step further and captured the moments. You know, those moments that just happen for a split second... somehow, she is able to capture them and truly tell a story with her photographs. She has an incredible personality that makes you feel like you've known her your whole life and is super rad to simply be around. Truly, if I could hire her to follow me around and document my entire life I would do so in a heartbeat.

Ønsker du å se den superfine bryllupsfilmen deres - klikk her!

LEVERANDØRER: Bryllupsfotograf: Frolic Storytelling // Brudekjole/Antrekk: Sue Wong - Anthropologie, Theory, Tom’s Sko, Betsy Brandt-Kreutz (Chase sin mor lagde halssmykket!) Location: Bates Nut Farm // Videographers: Amari Productions //  Koordinator: Tera Williamson // Vigsler: Mike Winter // Hår: Meschelle Eagerton // Makeup: Alisa Healy // Blomster: Chase Kettl, Sarah Severns, Betsy Brandt-Kreutz, og Donna Kettl // DJ: Aaron Kettl, Peter Moore, Evan Krough, og Chad Martin MC: Jon Lassen // Catering: Phil’s BBQ // Reclaimed Wood Installations, Skilt og Invititasjoner: Brud og Brudgom; Aaron Kettl og Chase Kettl! Og On Etsy!