Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This post is for the bride who is thinking of what flowers to choose for her bouquet and what style to go for. It is also for the bride who pays attention to detail and wants to know what different flowers represent. The bridal bouquet can be a variety of sizes, colours and even a mix of different flowers.  

Believe it or not you can chose a bouquet which can enhance your figure; shorter ladies should stay away from posies as they'll emphasise how petite and compact you are. A bouquet that draws the eye down like a pageant or a cascade (see diagram below) will give an illusion of length. A variety of other bouquet styles will also suit you but just try and avoid the tiny compact look. Taller ladies if you want to look taller you can go for a bouquet such as cascading orchids that draw the eyes down. However, if you are tall and almost the same height as your husband you may want to de-emphasise your height so that he appears taller than you, so a bouquet without a drop e.g posy or a nosegay may be more appropriate. More curvy brides who want to look slimmer should go for larger bouquets as smaller bouquets will exaggerate your width and make you look bigger. Bouquets can also have sentimental value as you can have lockets with those who are departed and can't be at the ceremony on the stalk of your bouquet. You can have a cross or rosary beads if you are religious and if you are simply fabulous why not a blinged out bouquet with diamante wrapped around the stalk. There are so many creative was to make your bouquet special and unique to you.

Tulips: Declaration of Love

Peonies: Beautiful

Orchids: A Belle

Roses: Love

Hydrengea: Heart Felt

Lilies: Majesty

Paper & Artificial bouquets

Mixed flower bouquets and different styles