Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Her kommer en chic & moderne bryllupsfeiring på Djupvik Hotel på vakre Gotland. Den vakre dagen ved sjøen er fanget av Sara Norrehed Photography sin magiske linse. Cecilia & David giftet seg 21. juni 2013, som er midtsommeraften i Sverige. Og vi får jo ikke mindre lyst til å reise til Gotland etter disse vakre bildene. Cecilia har en nydelig kreasjon fra designer Ida Sjöstedt. Du kan lese mer fra bryllupet av bruden selv, nederst i bloggposten. Nå er det bare å nyte svensk natur & kjærlighet på sitt beste.

BRUDEPARET FORTELLER: I love planning so there was no need for a wedding planner. Fortunately, my husband David and I have almost the exact same taste and that made the planning process quite smooth. In the beginning all we knew was basically that we wanted to have a wedding with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, without compromising on style and quality. Keeping this in mind, everything else came quite naturally.

The most beautiful place in the world, according to me, is the Swedish island of Gotland. When starting to plan our wedding my first thought was therefore to have the wedding on this beautiful island. Luckily enough David was not hard to convince.

Choosing vendors is naturally the key to a successful wedding. For us it was not as hard as we had feared; we went with our gut feeling, and are happy with all the choices we made. Most of the vendors came with important inputs and ideas that helped the planning move forward. I think it is important to have a clear idea of how you want your wedding, but you also need to be flexible with the details for things to flow smoothly. And it's essential that you can trust your vendors.

We knew we wanted a non-religious ceremony, and we wanted it to take place outside, having the following dinner and party inside a venue adjacent to the ceremony.

We spent a weekend driving around to different restaurants and hotels. As soon as we stepped in to “Djupvik Hotel”, we knew our search was over. The beautiful scenery overlooking the ocean and the “Karlsö nature reserve”, is the perfect balance between the sleek and modern hotel and the old harbour with its charming old fishing huts. The amazing food sealed the deal.

Because of the beautiful season flowerage, the amazing light and great access to locally produced food, we chose to have the wedding in June.

Naturally, one of the most important items in a wedding is the dress. A friend of mine gave me the advice to go and look at Ida Sjöstedt’s dresses. Before going there I did not know exactly what kind of dress I had in mind. Amazingly enough, after having tried the first one on I knew that this was “The Dress”. I felt like a princess and I knew that the dress would fit perfectly to the Djupvik atmosphere. It was such a joy to do the fittings, not only because I got to try on the wonderful dress, but also because both Ida and her staff are extremely skilled, and excellent at making you feel comfortable.

My bridesmaids wore long graphite grey dresses from J Crew, that complemented the tulle volang wedding dress; and also matching the grey fishing huts, the local lime stone and the purple flower “blåeld” that grows in heaps on Gotland in June.

After having seen one too many pictures of too “dolled up” brides I knew I wanted total control over hair and make up and I had my sister doing my hair, whereas I did my own make up.

Even though we wanted a non-religious ceremony we still wanted to have some of David’s Jewish heritage incorporated. Therefore, we decided to get married under a chuppa. My parents did an amazing job building and decorating the chuppa. We put chairs on both sides making an aisle-like space, on which we sprinkled rose pedals for us to walk to down. The wedding and bridesmaids bouquets were made of white peonies and crème coloured roses.

To match the dress I found a pair of sparkling Jimmy Choos with wedges so that I could walk on the grass without any problem. David matched me in a midnight blue Gucci tuxedo, and a pair of dark brown shoes from Church’s.

To me, the entertainment can pretty much make or break a wedding. We knew early on that we wanted a proper band. But not just any band, it had to look stylish and have a different repertoire than your usual wedding singer, preferably soul and jazz. We also wanted them to be able to play Hava Naghila, which is a traditional Jewish folksong often played in Jewish weddings. We wanted the band to entertain during the ceremony, cocktail reception and - of course - during the party. Two years earlier, at the wedding of our friends, we got to experience the exceptional band “The Soul Company”. We contacted them and as luck had it they where able to play at our wedding as well.  They did an exceptional job! The singer Isak has an amazing voice and the outdoor ceremony, overlooking the ocean underneath the chuppa, with Isak singing our favourite songs was as good as it gets. At the party after the dinner everyone danced and it made it not only the most emotional day for us but also the most fun we had ever had.

To capture it all we naturally wanted a very skilled photographer. Knowing nothing about wedding photographers, I searched the Internet and pretty soon I found Sara Norrehed’s home page. Her portfolio pictures all had an amazing natural flow of light and she managed to take pictures that did not look arranged and that were truly artistic. Her photographs simply reflected a feeling that we wanted to have on our wedding. We are very happy with the result.

LEVERANDØRER: Bryllupsfotograf: Sara Norrehed Photography // Brudekjole: Ida Sjöstedt // Brudens sko: Jimmy Choo // Blomster: Irisdals blomsterhandel // Brudepikekjoler: J. Crew // Brudgommens Antrekk: Smoking fra Gucci // Sko: Church’s // Musikk: The Soul Company //Location  - Selskapslokaler: Djupvik Hotel, Gotland