Monday, December 30, 2013


Vi elsker dette sofistikerte bryllupet som er sendt til oss av dyktige Rares ION. Ikke bare er bruden slående vakker i sin elegante & enkle brudekjole fra Ana Alexe. Det vakre brudebeltet og ryggen på kjolen er til å gjøre oss målløse. Bruden har også et like vakkert navn: Georgiana. Andrei & Georgiana giftet seg i Bucurest i september, i en storslått seremoni og bryllupsfeiring. Bildene viser også at deres kjærlighet tydeligvis er 'smittsom', for bildene av gjestene oser av varme kyss & kjærlighet; We Love! For det er uansett det bryllup handler om; kjærlighet med stor K.

FOTOTGRAFEN FORTELLER: As a wedding photographer we often happen to participate in 'blind dates' ( most contracts are signed via email, Skype, etc.). The wedding photo story of this couple is very beautiful, and I think that nothing in life is random. Shortly after Anthony's July wedding at Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest - Andrew called me to talk about a weekend in September where he would be the groom. Georgiana will not ever get bored in his company ( shown even in photos ), because Andrew can be found in the definition of the word "merry". I imagine that a man so jolly accompanied by a bride and wedding so well organized can almost not be outdone.

As Georgiana had the same last name as mine ( a story only ) was another detail that I felt close to my heart. The wedding would also be held in Mogosoaia, a perfect location in terms of view of from a wedding photographer.

We met in Bucharest the day before the wedding and we began to organize the photographic standpoint. If Andrew is that guy full of life and just the thought of him entertain me; Georgiana was the epiphany of delicate elegance. It was chemistry between them as a couple and us, at first sight, and I strongly believe that emotions are captured photographically beautifully when this bond exists!

We really liked the well organized wedding, their family, print & decor, the religious ceremony with the sky changing, magical texture a few times, a helicopter above the ceremony, and all the love and 'Love stories' captured during the reception.

Georgiana & Andrei; dear parents and guests attended, thank you for the opportunity and we wish you all the best in Cluj!

LEVERANDØRER: Bryllupsfotograf: Rares ION og Daniela ION // Brudekjole: Ana Alexe // Sko: Coca Zaboloteanu // Hair: Florin Noje, Manifest // Blomster & Brudebukett: Floraria Iris // Gifteringer: 77 Diamonds // Brudgommens dress: Tudor Personal Taylors // Brudgommens sko: GEOX // Bryllupskake: Sweet Ela // Musikk: Andrei Ilau // Location: Palatul Mogosoaia