Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Often times couples when thinking of decor focus mainly on their reception and not so much the Church. Even at the church, the alter is usually the space that gets decorated but the truth is one can start decor right from the church door. The decor can be anything from simple to a more elaborate aisle. Petals on the floor jumps to mind when I think of where to start when decorating the aisle. If having petals on the floor is an issue, one could always put them at the bottom of a vase and put a candle on top (see first image below) ensuring its tidier. If budget is an issue why not use fabric petals? they still look beautiful and candles often come reasonably priced. For those who are concerned about a cluttered look, two massive vases with beautiful flowers either side of the beginning of the aisle and at the end of the aisle before alter is also a way to keep things clean and simple. Here are some examples I've seen and liked.....Stay inspired, stay in love xxx