Sunday, March 24, 2013

Centre pieces are one of my favourite elements in a wedding. They are one of the focal points for guests to look at so I think an extra effort should go into dressing the table beautifully. Here are some centre pieces I have seen and liked.

I like the mix of the twigs, candles and roses here. Its a real statement centre piece and the candles will add to the the mood and ambience of the room.

Love this garden reception and the nature feel with the green, the pink is nice as it makes it stand out.

It's no secret that I love white. I like the way the candles have been used here, the room exudes warmth and intimacy it would be a nice choice for a small wedding.

For some reason this reminds me of winter perhaps because of the darker palette.

I like this because of the contrast the darker flowers, the edge of the menu and napkins added to table. It's a nice way to introduce a deep purple without making the room look too dark.

Needless to say why I love this, white and pastel pink beautiful!

I thought this was rather creative and interesting. I like to see centre pieces that are nice and don't cost a fortune.

I like this for the detail on each candle holder.

This is great for an outdoor wedding the centre piece ties in well with the setting.  It looks like one is sitting around a mini tree outside. Its also a nice way to do a darker centre piece.

I like the varied mix of flowers in this one.

The last of the twigs, I like the mix of pearls and crystals. I also like the detail of naming each table after an important destination to the couple.