Saturday, March 16, 2013

This post is will provide an insight into the initial thinking behind the company that would otherwise not be apparent. 

'I Do' Weddings is a weddings solution company. The name speaks, one says 'I Do' after they exchange vows and we literally do weddings as a business. The company started off primarily with wedding planning and has now expanded to other services including a new bridal line which I am extremely excited about. The bridal line is for the up and coming bride who has a taste for finer things, wants to look elegant but doesn't want to have to fly abroad or break the bank. There is no reason why beautiful wedding dresses cannot be purchased in Nigeria and so we bring in a fresh injection of glamour, elegance, class and timeless beauty.

The company's wedding colours are reflected in the logo. White, pink and grey. White because it's very essence symbolises everything weddings, from dresses to flowers to purity and it also connotes a fresh start. Pink because it adds femininity, softness, its girly, its romantic and it adds colour. The Grey provides the masculine counterpart and balance to the pink completing the the male female union and lastly because every woman should marry the man of her dreams, her Mr. Grey or Christian Grey....

Love, Tims is the bridal line that comes under 'I Do' Weddings. The name Love, Tims because each dress is a well thought out labour of love to the bride, its like a letter only in dress form and its signed with Love, Tims. Tims being a nickname that friends and family call me. The line is very personal. We recently shot our first photo shoot the pictures will all be out soon. It was a challenging but rewarding experience and I will share more about that in my next post.